3D Virtual Campus Tours
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Bringing your university to the homes of prospective students via online virtual campus tours.


3D Virtual Campus Tours

- Fully collaborative online recruitment tool
aimed at increasing college enrollment through accessibility, interactivity, and engagement.


Have you had prospective students that decided to go to another college's campus because it was closer to home and therefore easier to visit before making their decision? What if students could visit your campus without leaving the comfort of their home? Many schools, colleges and universities provide a “virtual tour” that consists of a few single communication mediums such as pictures or video. But, this isn’t truly immersing the user in the college's campus experience. What if you could provide a true campus tour experience? You now have that ability with a fully digitized version of your campus in a user friendly virtual world which bypasses any travel limitations your potential students may have when searching for the right college.

By providing a 3D Virtual Campus Tour you can immerse potential students in the environment and culture of the school or university while providing guided tours with real admissions representatives who are able to educate students on the benefits of attending your college's campus. Potential students are able to truly interact with the college or university campus, clicking on items to receive interesting facts, taking trivia quizzes, as well as playing games to earn points which can then be used to buy virtual clothing and accessories branded to your school. This allows each potential student to personalize their avatar and provides a truly engaging experience. Students can also fill out an application, make payments, buy real items from the bookstore, and much more.
Contact us today for a live 3D virtual campus tours demonstration. To qualify to view the full demo you must to be affiliated with a University or College.


Learn about the benefits of 3D Virtual Campus Tours for students and academic institutions

Maximize Enrollment

Maximize Campus Enrollment

Market to a larger audience – a 3D virtual campus tour experience allows you to market to anyone, anywhere. With the barriers of travel eliminated, the opportunity to provide an experiential campus tour experience to any potential student makes recruitment efforts limitless.

Build Diversity

Build Student Diversity

Provide students with a socially and culturally diverse experience by using a 3D virtual campus tour to increase enrollment of students from different backgrounds, races, ethnicities, nationalities, religions, and even countries.

Reduce Travel Costs

Reduce Travel Costs

Travel is expensive - save your potential students money upfront by providing them with a 3D virtual campus tour experience that allows them to receive the same benefits as a traditional campus tour without ever leaving their home.

Increase Familiarity

Increase Campus Familiarity

A new school can be scary – give your potential students the ability to visit your campus multiple times and for as long as they’d like. This allows them to interact and engage with the campus, becoming familiar with the layout and features before starting classes.

Showcase Highlights

Showcase Geographic
& Architectural Highlights

Each campus has its own unique features – past, present, and future. Use a 3D virtual campus tour to show-off those highlights to your potential students - whether a historical feature, a current feature, or a planned feature that has yet to be built.

Simplify Processes

Simplify Enrollment Processes

Out of state students or even working students can’t always find the time to make multiple trips to the campus. A 3D virtual campus allows staff members to meet with potential students “face to face” as many time as necessary to fill out paperwork, set up financial aid, make payments, or even just to talk about what to expect.


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